We give our customers the possibility to order state of the art design and impeccable design work for decoration of shopping areas and exhibitions.

We share the work principles of the international exhibition partnership OSPI: «Designed here – Built there».
Our team of experienced architects, constructors and designers will gladly develop, design and prepare detailed documentation for your project.

Our architects will take all the details into the project: starting from customer’s image, the customer expectations and ending with auditoria interests analyzes. Our experienced constructors, designers and engineers will offer the best materials for the project realization, and provide you detailed and clear high-precision drawings and layouts

Projects realized by Area 4 Success GmbH, will excel in originality and brilliance of ideas, which will not only attract attention, but also will be remembered by the visitors. Just call us! Telephone  +49 (0) 211 2615-4434 or via e-mail an info@area4success.de